Location: Colorado State Capitol

1st Floor, West Foyer

As many of you know our Union loves a good strike or direct action at the airport, it shows the companies that we do in fact hold the power! While these actions are amazing to highlight our struggle, build solidarity amongst drivers and create huge surge prices, they unfortunately do not affect permanent change.

This is why it is incredibly important that we change laws that forever will change our working conditions. The companies have already done this, this is why our work can be so deplorable, they have passed things such as the TNC Act of 2014 which basically allows them to do anything they want in this state!

Last year we fought hard for a bill that would have provided the public and drivers transparency on how much they steal from us, as well as protect us from racist and discriminatory deactivations. While we had support from many of our elected officials it ultimately failed thanks to Senator Mullica who was clearly bought off by the companies. We are also weary that our Governor will not support bills we may try to pass. What we do know for sure is that those who oppose us can be forced to support us if we hold them accountable!

This is why we are holding a rally at the Capitol! When we introduce our two bills to the legislature it is imperative YOU SHOW UP AND LET YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS KNOW, WE WON’T TAKE THE COMPANIES STRANGLEHOLD OVER OUR LIVES ANYMORE!

(Please COPY this link and send it to every driver you know)