Have you been deactivated by Uber? Together with Towards Justice, Colorado Independent Drivers United-CWA Local 7777 after extensive review of the arbitration agreement drivers sign have developed a step by step process on how to potentially get reactivated. 

This clinic is to assist Uber drivers who have been deactivated and need assistance with getting back on the app. We recently held a workshop which had an outline of the steps drivers needed to take, in order to get back driving! That workshop was open to all drivers that CIDU has on our list. Unfortunately because we have limited capacity and no full time staff, these clinics will only be open to current CIDU Dues paying Union Members

If you would like to get individual assistance, but still need to join the Union, you can either join at www.CIDU-CWA7777.org or you can fill out a membership application at our Union Hall, if you attend the clinic. 

This clinic is to assist drivers who need help from a fluent English speaker. In no way does this clinic provide legal advice or practice law.